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A Smoothie Road To MEGA Health!

Have you heard of the Omega 3 Fatty Acids (EPA/DHA) your body needs to stay healthy?


The trouble with getting the right amount of Omega 3 is that it isn’t always available in the foods we eat. As a result, we often need to supplement our diet with the best source of Omega 3, fish oil.


Nutritionists say we need to be eating 2-3 grams a day of these highly beneficial fatty acids, but find most people are only eating half of that amount. Read labels and find out where you can get more Omega 3 fatty acids.MEGA HealthMEGA HealthMEGA HealthMEGA Health


It turns out that fish oil is one of the main sources of these fatt y acids, and if you decide to add it to your diet you can be sure you will be getting the recommended amount you need.


Nutritionists recommend eating fish 2-3 times a week. As an added bonus, cooking can make the Omega 3 easier to digest. The benefits of eating fish can be held true year round, but some people prefer to go strong during flu season by eating salmon and tuna to increase their intake of the fatty acids they need.


The only downside is that most people do not like the taste of fish. Oh, there are fish oil capsules, but as the name implies that is not the best way to get the nutrients you need.


You really want to make sure you are getting the raw nutrients you need in the form of a salad or smoothie. Supplements only offer a portion of the benefits, and by the time you get in the habit of adding ingredients to your smoothie it will not only taste good, but you will be getting those needed nutrients.


In order to get your Omega 3’s, you will have to take a supplement. Many people find it difficult to findthe best fish oil pills, and it may be discouraging to take a pill every day.


Make your own salmon oil supplement. Here are some things you can add to perk up your green vegetable smoothie.


A small amount of arugula leaves. You can add arugula leaves to help boost your brain power.


A small amount of spinach. This will add a lot of nutrients including iron to the smoothie.


A few cloves of garlic. Again, you can add these for taste if you prefer.


1 tbsp of flax seed. You can buy this for example in health food stores.


¼ cup of walnuts. These will give you the omega 3’s you need plus other healthy fats.


1 tsp of extra virgin olive oil. One study found that people with high levels of omega 3’s have lower risk of heart disease.


The sweet potato. The beta carotene in sweet potatoes increases your immune system. This is a great time to enjoy a sweet potato too.


An avocado. Add avocado for creaminess. They are also rich in omega 3 nutrients.


Pinto beans. Pinto beans are full of folate, a nutrient believed to prevent lower levels of heart disease. Black beans are also good.


Another way to get fresh fruits and vegetables and the fatty Acids they contain is to juice. You can purchase freshly squeezed juices at many stores. My favorite way of getting fresh vegetables juices is to make my own. It is inexpensive and it takes no time to make. Juicing is so simple to do and it is so easy to haveRich Fat consumption every day.


You can have fish oil pills. The issue here is that a lot of fish oil supplements are filled with fillers and toxins. The best fish oil pills will have a combined EPA/DHA source. They should also be molecularly distilled. Also, make sure you buy fish oil supplements that are high in DHA.


If you want to get really healthy, you will want to have your Omega-3 and Omega-6 levels balanced. Too much Omega-6 can cause problems with your health and health with Omega-3 deficient diets. The best thing to do is to eat a diet filled with leafy green vegetables, healthy fats and seafood.


All of the information above is for those that are eating a healthy balanced diet. If you are on one of those fad diets that tell you to lower your carbs, then you will want to combine it with consuming lots of vegetables and fruits.


Then if you would like to enhance your lifestyle a bit you can take good quality supplements. Supplements can help you get the nutrients you don’t get from your diet and will make you feel super!

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